Academic Affairs

Jim Henderson, Chair
Brent Sembler
Craig Mateer
Eric Chicken
Staff: Sally McRorie

Finance and Business

Bob Sasser, Chair
Max Alvarez
Kathryn Ballard
Billy Buzzett
Staff: Kyle Clark

Student Affairs

John Thiel, Chair
June Duda
Jorge Gonzalez
Jonathan Levin
Staff: Amy Hecht

Audit and Compliance

Jorge Gonzalez, Chair
Max Alvarez
Jim Henderson
Jonathan Levin
Staff: Sam McCall and Robyn Blank


Ed Burr, ex-officio
Billy Buzzettt, Chair
June Duda
Eric Chicken
Bob Sasser
Staff: Liz Hirst


Board of Trustees Chair Ed Burr, is an ex-officio voting member of all Committees

Updated: 01/21/2020

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