Board of Trustees > Meeting Archives > June 9, 2006 Agenda

The Florida State University Board of Trustees Conference Call
College of Medicine
Tallahassee, Florida
June 9, 2006
8:00 AM – 11:30 AM



Continental Breakfast and Presentation by University Relations


Executive Session (Closed)


I. Call to Order and Welcome

Mr. Jim Smith, Chair


II. Approval of Minutes

  • February 10, 2006 Meeting
  • March 24, 2006 Conference Call Minutes


Comments, Faculty Senate

Dr. Jayne Standley


IV. Comments, Student Government Association

Mr. Kourtney Hahn


V. Legal Update

Ms. Betty Steffens, University General Counsel


VI. Consent Items—One Motion

  • Approval of the Equity Accountability Report
  • Approval of Proposed Amendment to Rules/ Regulation 6C2-2.009 Parking and Traffic Regulations
  • Approval of B.S. in Computational Biology
  • Approval of Ph.D. in Biostatistics
  • Approval of M.S. in Geographic Information Sciences
  • Approval of Student Government Bills for Spring 2006
  • Approval of B.A./B.S. in African-American Studies
  • Renaming of Colleges and Schools
    • Change School of Nursing to College of Nursing


VII. Legislative Update

Ms. Kathleen Daly, Asst. Vice President for Governmental Relations


VIII. University Relations Update

Ms. Lee Hinkle, Vice President for University Relations

IX. Committee Reports:


Academic Affairs (Dr. Lawrence G. Abele, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost)

Agenda Items (ACTION):

  • Approval to Explore a CLAST Exam Requirement
    Dr. Larry Abele
  • Approval of 5 Year Enrollment Plan
    Dr. Larry Abele

Information Items:

  • Collective Bargaining Update
    Ms. Joyce Ingram, Asst. Vice Pres. Human Resources
  • Producing More Teachers Report
    Dr. Larry Abele


Student Affairs (Ms. Liz Maryanski, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs)

Agenda Items (ACTION):

  • Tuition Proposals for 2006-2007 for Educational Research Center for Child Development

Information Items:

  • Update on Student Affairs Activities
  • Student Health Insurance Update

Finance and Business (Mr. John Carnaghi, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration)

Agenda Items (ACTION):

  1. Approval of FY 2006-2007 Tuition Policy and Rule Authorization
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez, Associate Vice Pres. Finance & Adm.
  2. Approval of FY 2007-2008 Legislative Budget Request
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez
  3. Approval of 2007-2008 Fixed Capital Outlay Budget
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez
  4. Approval of Tentative 2006-2007 Operating Budget
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez
    • a. Approval of Tentative Operating Budget
    • b. Approval of Delegated Authority to the President or Designee to make any other changes to the budget within available resources
    • c. Approval for the University President to prepare the Operating Budget as prescribed by laws and rules of the State
    • d. Approve DSO’s to continue operations within available resources
  5. Approval of Classification Redesign Project
    Ms. Joyce Ingram


X. President Wetherell’s Evaluation Handout


XI. Board Retreat Report


XII. Board Attendance Policy


XIII. President's Report

Dr. T.K. Wetherell, President


XIV. Adjournment