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The Florida State University Board of Trustees Conference Call
Ringling Museum
Sarasota, Florida
February 10, 2006
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Members Present: Trustees Jim Cobbe, Harold Knowles, Christopher Schoonover, Jim Smith, John Thrasher, David Ford, Richard McFarlain, Leslie Pantín and Manny Garcia. Trustee Ann McGee participated through conference call.

Members Absent: Trustees June Duda, Derrick Brooks, and Jessie Furlow had excused absences.

  1. Call to Order and Welcome

    Chairman Jim Smith called the meeting to order and thanked Dr. John Wetenhall and the staff of the Ringling Museum for their hospitality. He recognized Chairperson Alice Rau and Carolyn Johnson for their spectacular work and fundraising as Ringling Board members.

    Chairman Smith announced that there would be a conference call on Friday, March 24, 2006 that would begin at 9:00 a.m. There will also be meetings in June and the Thursday and Friday before the Clemson game, which is September 16, 2006. There will be a meeting format that includes arriving on Thursday afternoon and reviewing a program and holding committee meetings. There will be a dinner event and facility tour Thursday evening. The board meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. Friday morning and conclude by 12:00 Noon.

    Chairman Smith referred board members to the letter from former Trustee Andy Haggard. He said that the letter brings tears to the eyes concerning how much he is going to miss being a member of the Board. Chairman Smith said that Haggard exhibited the behavior of an ideal board member. He volunteered for everything with enthusiasm. Chairman Smith said the Board would miss Trustee Haggard and the great job he did for Florida State.

    Chairman Smith welcomed Les Pantin to the Board of Trustees. Trustee Pantín thanked the Board and indicated that serving was something he always wanted to do and he was sorry that he could not serve together with Andy Haggard.

    Chairman Smith said that he would be working on an attendance policy. He said there are problems gaining quorums for committee meetings. Chairman Smith said that some trustees are good at showing up all the time, and some are spotty. He said that there are many people that would love to serve on this board that would be enthusiastic to serve so it is important for trustees to show up for meetings. So there will be an attendance policy for consideration at the next board meeting for approval.

    Trustee Thrasher made a motion to suspend Board of Trustees Operating Procedures Section 203 (b) to take up the items listed on the agenda and any supplemental materials passed today. The motion was seconded by Trustee Schoonover and passed unanimously.

  2. Approval of Minutes

    Trustee Schoonover made a motion to approve the Board of Trustees Minutes of September 19, 2005 and November 9 and 10, 2005. Trustee Thrasher seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

  3. Comments, Faculty Senate

    Trustee Jim Cobbe made a presentation on behalf of the Faculty Senate. He thanked the trustees for their work for the University. He said that the Faculty Senate has been involved with the Pathways to Excellence Initiative. There were 41 initial proposals and 12 to 16 will be invited to write detailed proposals. In June the selection committee will make some recommendations to the Provost. The proposals were really very interesting ideas. Faculty members put a lot of effort into the proposals and the initiative is moving forward very well.

    Second, Trustee Cobbe said that the Faculty Senate is very supportive of adding 200 tenure track faculty. He said that over the last 10-15 years when the number of students has risen, the number of tenure track faculty increased very little, but almost without consciously thinking about it, the University has added a lot of non-tenure track faculty. So one of the problems is that this word faculty means many different things depending on context which is very confusing to people. The fact that 90% of the growth in the faculty had been in the non-tenure track category rather than the tenure track category over the last 15 years led the Faculty Senate to establish a committee to make recommendations. The University is a very large, very complex, very diverse organization and the roles of non-tenure track faculty vary hugely across the institution. Trustee Cobbe said that the committee plans to have a recommendation by the end of the year.

    Third, Trustee Cobbe mentioned an example of collaboration and cooperation. He said that a provision of the collective bargaining agreement allowed faculty represented by United Faculty of Florida (UFF) to have some say in the appointment of the administrators responsible for supervising their work. When UFF and the administration had their consultation meetings and they came to this clause both sides agreed that they would invite the Faculty Senate to suggest ways to implement it. Trustee Cobbe said the Faculty Senate prepared guidelines that will likely be adopted by the full Faculty Senate. We got feedback from the administration on them, which helped clarify some things.

    Finally, the Faculty Senate joined with Student Government to establish a committee concerning textbook issues. Trustee Cobbe emphasized that things are happening with the constituencies, the faculty, the staff, the students are themselves trying to do things to improve the university.

  4. Comments, Student Government Association

    Trustee Christopher Schoonover made a presentation on behalf of the Student Government Association. He reminded the Board members about the student Dance Marathon fundraising event. Over 700 students are going to gather in the bottom floor of the Civic Center this weekend and will stand for 32 hours. They raised over $200,000 last year, and expect to raise over $250,000 this year and half of the proceeds will go directly to the College of Medicine and the other half will go to the Children’s Miracle Network.

    Trustee Schoonover said that the SGA elections will be held on February 22, 2006 and a new President (and Board member) will be selected. He said there were two things that he wanted to get done during his term. One was to bring prominent speakers to campus. So on March 20, 2006 former ambassador Joe Wilson will be coming to campus. After that on April 30, 2006 Anthony Rapp, who starred in the movie Rent, is coming. Trustee Schoonover said the other thing he wanted to accomplish before he left office was to establish a very strong night busing system on campus. Two Taltran buses run every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night from 10 p.m.-3 a.m. The buses are free for students and cover the outskirts of campus. Some of the buses have standing room only which is very good news because that means that students will not be drinking and driving and will be going home safely. He thanked the administration and Board members for their support of his time as SGA President.

    Trustees Smith thanked Trustee Schoonover on behalf of the Board for his leadership and participation on the Board of Trustees.

  5. Consent Items—One Motion

    Trustee Cobbe made a motion to approve the consent items. Trustee Thrasher seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. The following items were approved in this motion:

    1. Approval of the 2006 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement
    2. Update and Approval of the Affirmative Action Plan
    3. Academic Learning Compact
    4. Degree Inventory Change for College of Music
    5. Approval of Student Government Bills for Fall 2005
    6. Changes in the Recognition Process for Student Organizations
    7. Renaming of Colleges and Schools: Change the School of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts to College of Motion Picture, Television and Recording Arts

  6. University Relations Update

    Ms. Lee Hinkle, Vice President for University Relations, presented an update on University Relations activities. She thanked Donna McHugh, Katie Patchett, Frank Murphy, John Wetenhall and the Ringling Museum staff for assistance in putting the meeting together. Ms. Hinkle updated the Board on various activities including FSU Headlines, the FSU University update, the Everything FSU e-newsletters, President Wetherell’s Views in Education TV show, the FSU Foundation’s successful Capital Campaign raising $630 million, the membership growth of the Alumni Association, update on the Boosters fundraising efforts, the Legislative priorities, the Governor’s Budget Recommendations, Seven Days of Opening Nights, Westcott Lakes project, and Tom Brokaw as the Spring commencement speaker.

  7. Legal Update

    Ms. Betty Steffens, University General Counsel, provided an update on a suit brought by the MDS Foundation and Dr. Robert Holton who is a faculty member at FSU. She said that Holton filed the lawsuit in the Fall. There was a hearing in front of the judge, who ordered mediation. The University and MDS spent two days in an ultimately unsuccessful mediation. The case is a non-jury case so it will move forward. The University will be filing a motion for summary judgment. Ms. Steffens said that eventually there will be a court proceeding to address some of the remaining issues, but the University has returned the gifts and the gift agreements are now null and void.

  8. Committee Reports:

    Academic Affairs

    Approval of Degrees

    Dr. Kirby Kemper, Vice President for Research, asked the Board to approve two degree programs: 1) The M.S. in Computational Science and 2) The Ph.D. in Computational Science. He said that this would make FSU the fourth University in the United States to offer degrees in this program in Computational Science. The last one that was approved about three months ago was at UCLA.

    Trustee Cobbe made a motion to approve the M.S. and Ph.D. degree programs in Computational Science. The motion was seconded by Trustee Garcia and passed unanimously.

    Collective Bargaining Update

    Ms. Joyce Ingram, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, provided the Board with an update on Collective Bargaining activities. She said there are currently five collective bargaining units on campus. AFSCME represents operational services employees, FNA represents nurses, and FPBA represents police officers, and UFF, the United Faculty of Florida, represents both the faculty bargaining unit and the teachers at the Developmental Research School. As of September there were successfully negotiated contracts with three of the five bargaining units: AFSCME, FNA, and FPBA. In November the ratification process for the UFF contract with faculty was completed. The union ratified the Developmental Research School contract.

    Ms. Ingram stated that upcoming events include contract administration, collective bargaining training, and reopened negotiations over wages and other select articles with each agreement. She said the University’s bargaining committees will continue to negotiate all agreements in good faith in a fiscally responsible manner, balancing the needs of the University, the needs of the faculty, and the needs of the staff.

    Student Affairs

    Student Affairs Activities

    Dr. Mary Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs, provided an update on Student Affairs Activities. She updated the Board on various activities including the Dance Marathon, the Relay for Life fundraiser in early April, student smoking reduction efforts, and the initiation of an official class ring program, alcohol education efforts for students, and the receipt of intramural field proposals.

    NCAA Recertification Process Update

    In Dr. Abele’s absence, Dr. Coburn briefed the Board on the status of the NCAA Recertification process. She said the re-certification process takes place every five years. The five-year cycle will be finalized in the Fall with an NCAA visit. There are committees working on first drafts of reports that are due in March. The final reports will be due in April and the site visit from the NCAA will be in either next October or November. Dr. Coburn said that every effort is being made to demonstrate all the good things that are being done to help student athletes be academically successful.

    Finance and Business

    Mr. John Carnaghi, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration, presented the items from the Finance and Business Committee.

    Material and Supplies Fee 2006-2007

    Mr. Carnaghi discussed the necessity for increased material and supplies fees. Trustee Garcia made a motion to approve the 2006-2007 material and supplies fee. Trustee Thrasher seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

    Student Fee Assessments – Local Fees for 2006-2007

    Mr. Carnaghi discussed the necessity for increased student fee assessments. Trustee Schoonover made a motion to approve the 2006-2007student fee assessments. Trustee Garcia seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

    Approval of University Regulation Authorizing a Faculty Practice Plan

    Dr. Ocie Harris, Dean of the College of Medicine, requested approval of the proposed University regulation that would authorize the establishment of the faculty practice plan for the College of Medicine. The FSU Board of Trustees will have oversight of the faculty practice plan through an annual review of the plans, operating budget, and audit and management letters. When the College of Medicine becomes a sponsor of the two residency programs at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola they will acquire faculty and resident physicians who provide patient care services in the course of the training of the residents. There will be billing for the services and the collections will be deposited into the practice plan. That keeps this business separate from the University’s business and the College will provide funds to pay faculty and salary and expenses. Sacred Heart Hospital will provide the billing services as they currently provide for these residencies and the proposal restricts the practice plan to the activities of the faculty who are in these residencies at Sacred Heart Hospital.

    Trustee Knowles made a motion to approve the University Regulation authorizing a Faculty Practice Plan and requesting the BOG to amend their rules on the same subject to include the University. Trustee Ford seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

    Approval of University Regulation Authorizing a Self-Insurance Program

    Dr. Harris explained the second request relating to the future assumption of the sponsorship of the residency programs at Sacred Heart Hospital. The proposal is to establish a self-insurance program for the purposes of providing general and professional liability insurance protection for the Florida State University Board of Trustees related to the medical practice and activities of the College of Medicine faculty residents and students. He said that the enabling legislation for the College of Medicine provides authority to purchase medical practice liability insurance. With the expanding role of the College of Medicine in residency training and with the increase in size of the faculty in Tallahassee it will be cost effective for the College of Medicine to become self-insured like the University of Florida and University of South Florida Colleges of Medicine. The proposal is to contract with the University of Florida’s self-insurance program to manage the Florida State University’s self insurance plan. The University of Florida has extensive experience in self-insurance programs and can easily include the College of Medicine in their management program. After paying a management fee we will realize a savings in insurance costs compared to current costs for commercial medical practice liability insurance. The Florida Board of Governors has regulations concerning faculty practice plans and these regulations only recognize the programs at the University of Florida and University of South Florida. To take full advantage of the complete exemption from the public records law for the self-insurance program claims files it would be advantageous for Florida State University’s new regulations to either be approved by the Board of Governors or for the Board of Governors to amend their regulations to include the Florida State University College of Medicine.

    Trustee Garcia made a motion to approve the University Regulation Authorizing a Self-Insurance Program Plan and requesting the BOG to amend their rules on the same subject to include the University. Trustee Schoonover seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

  9. Election of Vice Chair

    Trustee Thrasher nominated Trustee Knowles for Vice-Chairman. Trustee Ford seconded the motion. Trustee McFarlain moved that the nominations be closed, and Trustee Knowles nomination for Vice-Chairman was unanimously approved.

  10. Discussion of Board Retreat and Open Forum for Board

    Chairman Smith made some brief comments about the Board Retreat. He said that it was a good opportunity to really gain a greater appreciation of the really talented administrative staff. Trustee Smith said he hoped that the staff also attained a better appreciation of some of the philosophy and thoughts and goals that the Board has for the University. He said that the summary of the meeting would be produced as a written report. Trustee Smith said that he wanted to delay final approval until the final report is before the Board. For all of the Board members that participated, it was a very good exercise. He said that future board meetings would be designed to examine policy in different areas of the University so that there can be more dialogue. Trustee Smith said that the Retreat gave the Board some goals for Florida State University. He said that as Board members have a chance to review the final report, they will find comfort there are long-range recommendations to make the University better. Trustee Smith credited former Trustee Haggard for the success of the retreat.

  11. President’s Report

    President Wetherell presented the President’s report to the Board. First, he thanked the Ringling Museum staff for all of the work they did for the Board meeting. Second, President Wetherell said that a summary of the retreat was included in the Board meeting packets. Third, he said that all of the University Presidents are lobbying to get faculty salary increases. Fourth, there is an initiative to add three College of Medicine branch campuses in Immokalee, Daytona Beach and Ft. Pierce. Fifth, a program has been developed with the Athletic Department, to provide a portion of Bowl proceeds to the University campus. This year there will be $250,000 provided to the Library. In the future, there is a policy whereby if the University participates in a BCS Bowl, regular Bowl, or ACC Championship Bowl, a specified amount will be given to campus student and academic programs. Sixth, Andy Haggard will be missed and he has been appointed to the Research Foundation Board. Finally, President Wetherell provided an update on the status of the new President’s house, which is being built with private funds.

  12. Adjournment

    The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 p.m.


The Florida State University Board of Trustees approved
the minutes on June 9, 2006.