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The Florida State University Board of Trustees Retreat
Marriott Bay Point Resort
Panama City Beach, Florida
November 9-10, 2005


Members Present: Trustees Jim Cobbe, June Duda, Andrew Haggard, Harold Knowles, E. Ann McGee, Christopher Schoonover, Jessie Furlow, and Jim Smith

Members Absent: Trustees John Thrasher, Derrick Brooks, David Ford, Richard McFarlain, and Manny Garcia had excused absences.

November 9, 2005


Chairman Smith provided an overview of higher education changes in the previous years. He said the Board should focus more on our students. There may be another constitutional amendment that would address higher education governance. Chairman Smith said that this meeting could be used to plan a map for the future with long-term goals. He said we could have meetings to determine where we are on these goals. The outcome of a college education should also be examined. Chairman Smith indicated that his hope is that the Board could be reenergized from the meeting.

Trustee Haggard said that this retreat is to meet the needs of the trustees. The Board is formed to address policy development, direction setting, and strategic planning. He said there should be a clear description as to what constitutes success for FSU. The Board should set priorities and goals. For example, if the Board wants to see AAU Status achieved, that overarching goal will encompass almost anything else we want to accomplish. Trustee Haggard asked how the Board of Trustees could help the University achieve its goals. He urged Board members to be ambassadors for Florida State University.

President Wetherell said that the meeting is a public meeting. He said he would like a series of short term and long-term goals from the Board. Dr. Wetherell said he hoped the meeting would help members be a proponent for Florida State by providing a better understanding of University programs. He is concerned about the relationship with the Board of Governors and Board of Trustees. Dr. Wetherell asked the Board to approve the addition of $2.5 million for PECO for the Panama City Campus building. Trustee Cobbe made a motion to approve the addition of the $2.5 million Panama City campus building. Trustee Haggard seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Margaret Lynn Duggar discussed the retreat process and product. There will be a draft report tomorrow morning. A final report will be provided later.


FSU Admissions

Dr. Larry Abele provided a review of how the admission process at FSU has changed over the past many years. Over 6,000 students are admitted. Academic preparation in high school is now emphasized. He reviewed the admissions statistics and policies for the Board.


FSU Students & Athletics

Dr. Mary Coburn presented an overview of student demographics and statistics. She also addressed Intercollegiate athletics and the NCAA recertification process. Dr. Coburn indicated that the President has ultimate responsibility for university athletics and the Board of Trustees has oversight responsibilities consistent with other units.


The trustees discussed the material provided in the presentations. Trustee Smith said that we might want to have as a short-term goal the issue of land acquisition.


FSU’s Pathways to Excellence

Dr. Kirby Kemper provided and overview of the research challenges at FSU. He described his personal experience as a Physicist at FSU, addressing concerns such as student and faculty recruitment, research funding competition, and AAU status achievement.

Dr. Larry Abele made a presentation updating the Board on efforts to achieve AAU membership. He discussed the National Research Council evaluation of doctoral programs, cluster hiring initiatives, and goals for raising performance expectations and accountability.

Dr. Abele also discussed the issues surrounding the relationship with the Board of Governors and their coordination with the State Board of Education and Board of Trustees. He also provided a brief overview of faculty issues. 


What needs to happen to achieve the goals? Long range program in every department. Programs have to come out of the department. There are self-studies done every seven years, with external reviewers. The trustees discussed ideas about achieving AAU status, increasing faculty resources, and asking every dean to develop a plan for Pathways to Excellence.


FSU’s Revenue Needs

Dr. Bob Bradley provided an overview of state revenues and expenditures, which affect universities.

Mr. John Carnaghi described the university budget and process for its development. He listed the budget issues and revenue needs for the University.

The University should be able to have the same authority to condemn property that community colleges have. We might want to investigate co-generation of utilities.

Ms. Lee Hinkle presented an overview of the Direct Service Organization (DSO) funds. She said that the State of Florida only funds about 34 percent of FSU’s $1.3 billion budget. She described the DSOs and their budgets.


Each of the trustees articulated what they would like to see the University do to achieve success, including: 1) Increasing the number of graduates; 2) Engaging in continual expansion and long range planning; 3) Asking for plans from all of the colleges and making sure they are brief doable plans; 4) Reviewing the possibility of co-generation of utilities; 5) Examining the relationship of the Board to the DSOs; and 6) Advocating the issue of asking the Legislature to pass the same law on eminent domain for state universities that exist for community colleges.

They also discussed ideas for future board meetings, including: 1) Holding meetings with components that are designed understand University programs.
For example, spending an hour on a topic in depth; 2) Many issues are procedural and have to be approved—this way the Board would be able to study issues in depth; 3) Changing locations of Board meetings would also be helpful as well; 4) A tour of campus would bring trustees up to date; 5) Ask faculty to discuss their research; 5) Streamline the committee process so that there will be time for more substantive discussion in the full Board meeting; and 6) Ask students to serve on a panel to brief the trustees at a meeting.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ms. Margaret Lynn Duggar reviewed a summary of the major theme areas from the Board retreat. The themes included: 1) FSU as a Major Public Research Institution; 2) Collaborations/Partnerships; 3) FSU’s Image & Communication; 4) Governance; 5) Capital Needs, Facilities and Operations; and 6) Trustees’ Internal Issues. The Board discussed the draft document.

Ms. Margaret Lynn Duggar reviewed a list of potential Legislative actions that the Board discussed. The Board discussed the list.

Finally, Ms. Margaret Lynn Duggar discussed the Vision and Mission statement for Florida State University. The Board discussed the two statements and made minor changes.

A final summary will be provided at the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The meeting adjourned at 8:17 a.m. CST.


The Florida State University Board of Trustees approved the minutes on February 10, 2006.