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The Florida State University Board of Trustees Meeting
FSU Research Foundation Building
June 28, 2004
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

1:00 – 1:30
Executive Session (Closed to the Public)
1:30 – 1:35
Call to Order and Welcome
John E. Thrasher, Chair
1:30 – 1:45
Approval of Minutes
1:45 – 1:50
Comments, Faculty Senate
Dr. James Cobbe
1:50 – 1:55
Comments, Student Government Association
1:55 – 2:40
Council of 100 Report on Higher Education
Joe Lacher, Chairman, Higher Education Funding Task Force
Joe Heel, Council of 100 Member
Charlie Ohlinger, Executive Director, Council of 100
2:40 – 2:45
Consent Items—One Motion (Dr. Anne Rowe)
  1. Report on Tenure
  2. Change of degree name and CIP Code from Information Studies (11.0401) to Information Technology (11.0103)
  3. Change of department name from Chemical to Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
  4. Approval to Explore B.A. in French and Francophone Studies
  5. Approval to Explore M.S. in Biostatistics
  6. Approval to Explore B.S. in Science of Earth's Environment
  7. M.A. in American Dance Studies - Change of CIP Code
  8. Studio and Related Studies - New Major in Dance
  9. Computational Structural Biology - New Major in Biology Ph.D
  10. Lambda Rail Financing - Mr. John Carnaghi
  11. Vendor Prompt Payment Policy/Rule –Mr. John Carnaghi
2:45– 3:00
Legislative Report (Kathleen Daly)
  1. Legislative Session Final Report
  2. Initial Legislative Priorities for 2005
3:00 – 3:35
Committee Reports:
Finance and Business (Mr. John Carnaghi, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration)
Agenda Items (ACTION):
1. FY 2004-05 Tuition Policy and Rule Authorization
    Mr. John Carnaghi
2. Tentative 2004-05 Operating Budget and Releases/Approval
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez
    a. Approval of Tentative Operating Budget
    b. Approval of Delegated Authority to the President or his Designee to Make Any Other Changes During the Year, Within Available Resources
3. FY 2004-2005 DSO Budget Approvals
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez
    a. Approval of Tentative Operating Budgets within available resources until the budgets are presented at the Sept. Board meeting
    b. Approval of Delegated Authority to the President or his Designee to Make Any Other Changes During the Year, Within Available Resources
4. FY 2005-2006 Legislative Budget Request Issues
    Mr. Ralph Alvarez
5. FY 2005-2006 Fixed Capital Outlay Budget Request
    Mr. John Carnaghi
6. Approval of Capital Improvement Trust Fund Allocation
    John Carnaghi & Mary Coburn
7. Use of Facilities and Equipment Fee
    Mr. John Carnaghi
    a. Use of Equipment Fee for Medical School Technology, Musical Instruments, Nursing Equipment and Underwater Forensics Equipment
    b. FSU Card Fee
    c. Orientation Fee
8. Parking & Transportation Services Fee Increase
    Mr. John Carnaghi
9. Equity Accountability Program Report
    Ms. Joyce Ingram & Ms. Cheryl Gonzalez

Information Items (Mr. John Carnaghi):

  1. Use of Facilities and Equipment Fee—Explore Email Transfer Fee and Computer Lab Printing Fee
  2. Report on the President’s House Committee Progress
  3. Report on the DSO Relationships
  4. Report on the University Bonding Process
Academic Affairs (Dr. Robert B. Bradley, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Agenda Items (ACTION):
1. 10-Year Enrollment Plan
    Dr. Robert Bradley
Information Items:
1. Union Update
    Ms. Joyce Ingram
2. FSU Strategic Plan for the Board of Governors
    Dr. Robert Bradley
    Student Affairs (Dr. Mary Coburn, Vice President for Student Affairs)
Information Items (Dr. Mary Coburn):
1. Update on the Intramural Fields
3:35 – 3:40
Legal Report (Ms. Betty Steffens, General Counsel)
3:40 – 4:00
Presidential Evaluation
John Thrasher, Chair
Board of Trustees
4:00 – 4:15
Open Forum for Board Comments
4:15 – 4:30

President's Report
T.K. Wetherell, President

6/22/04 9:46 AM