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The Florida State University Board of Trustees Meeting
Conference Call
March 18, 2002
4:00 PM


Members Present: Duda, Ford, Furlow, Garcia, Haggard, Hinkle, Johnson, Knowles, Marshall, McGee, Thrasher, Uhlfelder

Members Excused: Bloch

Chairman Thrasher convened the meeting of The Florida State University Board of Trustees at 4:00 p.m., on March 18, 2002.

The minutes from the February 15, 2002, meeting of the Board of Trustees were unanimously approved on a motion from Trustee Johnson and a second from Trustee Hinkle.

The Chair indicated that Governor Bush announced that Florida State University would house the Florida Center for Learning Research. The Center will be a joint College of Arts and Sciences/Learning Systems Institute project headed by nationally known reading researcher Dr. Joe Torgeson in the Psychology Department as well as Dean Donald Foss and Dr. Laura Hassler, Director of the Learning Systems Institute. President D'Alemberte commented that this initiative is in cooperation with the University of Central Florida.

The Chair indicated that this conference call would be Trustee Johnson's last meeting and he welcomed Michelle Pletch as the next student member on the Board of Trustees.

The Chair announced that the Engineering Committee was scheduled to meet with Trustees Collins, Hanna, and Holmes from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) to discuss the issues associated with the Joint FAMU/FSU College of Engineering. The meeting was scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on March 20, 2002, at the College of Engineering.

The Chair recognized President D'Alemberte for comments. President D'Alemberte indicated that the university filed a notice of appeal to the Liaison Committee for Medical Education. President D'Alemberte commented that the university will break ground for the construction of the university's first new residence hall in more than 25 years. The $28.4 million, four-building residence hall complex will be constructed on the corner of Wildwood Drive and College Avenue, near the Student Life Building.

President D'Alemberte commented that Dr. Ray Bye also has some buildings under construction at Innovation Park that will accommodate several Department of Defense projects.

President D'Alemberte indicated that the university was working diligently on recruiting a basketball coach. In addition, the university is currently recruiting Eppes professors.

The Chair recognized Dr. Karen Laughlin for comments. Dr. Laughlin introduced Dr. Valliere Richard Auzenne. She also thanked the Chair for attending the Faculty Senate meeting on February 20. She indicated that the Chair was well-received by the Senate, particularly for his strong statements on academic freedom and his remarks concerning the role of the Board of Trustees.

At the request of Chairman Thrasher, Dr. Laughlin reported that the steering committee appointed some faculty members as liaisons to the committees of the Board, including Professors Perrin Wright and Robley Light (Engineering Committee); Fred Standley (Audit); Jim Cobbe (Finance and Administration); Valliere Richard Auzenne and Karen Laughlin (Legislative); Cliff Madsen and Karen Laughlin (Planning); and Marilyn Young (Student Judicial Process).

Dr. Laughlin also commented on the Faculty Senate review of the Chancellor's Memoranda and the process for the revision and adoption of the university mission statement. The Chair requested that the legal staff provide a report on the status of the chancellor's memoranda review at the next meeting of the Board in Tallahassee with an indication as to whether further action by the Board is necessary.

The Chair recognized Trustee Hinkle for a legislative update. Trustee Hinkle indicated that the Legislature needed to act on the budget, the reapportionment plan, and the cabinet reorganization. Trustee Hinkle briefed the trustees on the House and Senate budgets, including the discretionary funds allocated for Board distribution, enrollment funding, and resources for fixed capital outlay.

Trustee Hinkle also provided an update on the school code rewrite. She indicated that the House had a 1776-page version of the rewrite, while the Senate rewrote the chapters in eight smaller bills. Trustee Hinkle noted that the school code does not sunset until January 2003, so it would be possible to address the revisions in a subsequent session. Trustee Hinkle indicated that the trustee confirmation had gone through the committee process and was to be taken up on the Senate floor on March 20. Trustee Hinkle indicated that, at this point, it appeared that all university trustees would be confirmed.

The Chair recognized Trustee Ford for a discussion on dormitory rental rates for the 2002-03 academic year. The Chair thanked Trustee Ford for his generous gift to the university. Trustee Ford indicated that each trustee had been provided backup material relating to the dormitory rental rates. Trustee Ford indicated that the increases were generally in the 3-5% range and were being increased to support increased operating expenses, provide for significant increases in debt service, and provide the reserves needed to support future projects. Trustee Ford indicated that the university conducted an analysis of the local market. Trustee Ford also noted that President D'Alemberte recommended the increases.

The Chair recognized Mr. John Carnaghi for comments. Mr. Carnaghi indicated that the university was undergoing a major expansion. Currently, six halls were being renovated and the seventh underway. Trustee Knowles requested that the analysis relating to the local housing market be forwarded to him for his review.

Trustee Knowles asked for clarification of the items that were supported by the housing rate increases. Mr. John Carnaghi indicated that the university tries to maintain a reserve of approximately $15.6 million and allocates the balance for operating expenses, including employee salaries.

Trustee Haggard commented that the auxiliary services board, the President and various student organizations had approved the proposed housing increases.

The Chair recognized Trustee Hinkle for a motion to approve the housing rates for the 2002-03 academic year, as recommended by President D'Alemberte, and request that the President forward this information to the Florida Board of Education. Trustee Marshall seconded the motion. The Board unanimously adopted the motion.

The Chair recognized Mr. Mike Cramer, Deputy General Counsel, for an explanation of the rule relating to the campus posting policy. Mr. Cramer explained the proposed rule. Trustee Knowles questioned whether the proposed rule was reviewed in light of constitutional issues relating to free speech. Mr. Cramer indicated that he believed the rule to be reasonable and that the legal staff had reviewed other university policies concerning the issue. Mr. Cramer indicated that the proposed rule is similar to that of the University of Florida. Trustee Knowles questioned whether there had been a legal challenge to similar language elsewhere. Mr. Cramer commented that he did not know of any legal challenges.

Trustee Haggard asked about the authority of the campus police to arrest individuals on campus. The Chair indicated that the university police are law enforcement officers with the legal authority to arrest.

President D'Alemberte explained that the proposed rule related to campus beautification and was initiated to address some current problems with postings by businesses and individuals. President D'Alemberte reported that there had been problems with enforcement. Mr. Carey Drayton, campus police chief, indicated that he is comfortable with the proposed rule and believed it was a helpful tool for his office.

Trustee Johnson commented that the proposed policy was acceptable to him since there was an exception for student government elections.

The Chair recognized Trustee Marshall for a motion to approve the filing with the Department of State of a rule adopting the University Policy for Posting, Promotions, Advertising, Chalking, and the Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses. Trustee Johnson seconded the motion. The Board of Trustee unanimously approved the motion.

The Chair recognized President D'Alemberte for a discussion of the current tuition allocation process. President D'Alemberte commented that student and faculty input into the tuition allocation process was the practice on campus. President D'Alemberte commented that he hoped this could be the practice this year as well.

The Chair recognized trustees for their closing comments and indicated that the next meeting of the Board was scheduled for April 15, 2002, at 4:00 p.m.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.

Approved by The Florida State University Board of Trustees on May 10, 2002: