Board of Trustees > Meeting Archives > December 3, 2001 Minutes

The Florida State University Board of Trustees Meeting
Conference Call
Room 201, Westcott Building
December 3, 2001
4:00 PM


Members Present: Duda, Furlow, Garcia, Hinkle, Johnson III, Knowles, Marshall, McGee, Thrasher, Uhlfelder

Members Excused: Bloch, Ford, Sundberg

Chairman John Thrasher convened the conference call of The Florida State University Board of Trustees at 4 p.m., December 3, 2001. Mr. Thrasher commented that the Special Session of the Legislature was nearly completion. In addition, he commented that he hoped that the trustees would travel to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl.

The Chairman recognized Trustee Hinkle for a legislative update. Trustee Hinkle indicated that the university budget reductions totaled $108 million in general revenue. The reduction for the current year is approximately 4%. The community college reduction is approximately the same percentage as that of the universities.

Vice Chairman Hinkle indicated that the universities had full flexibility in allocating the reduction, but that classroom instruction should be protected. In addition, she stated that there was legislative authority for tuition overcollection. Provost Abele indicated that Florida State University’s share of the overcollection is approximately $5 million.

Trustee Hinkle added that the conference report included a $12 million reduction in funding for the Bright Futures Scholarship Program for Summer 2002. University presidents can address with funds appropriated by the Legislature. In addition, the medical school reduction totals $1.1 million, while the chiropractic funds have been reduced from $500,000 to $250,000. Chairman Thrasher suggested that keep Senator Jim King fully informed of the status of the chiropractic funds.

The Legislature also reduced the amount of funding for public broadcasting by $1.2 million. Frank Murphy indicated that these cuts would not have the impact of laying off staff. Trustee Hinkle also indicated that there was a 6% reduction in funding for programs dealing with learning disabilities (is this the Center for Autism or CARD).

Overall, Trustee Hinkle believed that the budget reductions were manageable. She also indicated that much work had to be done to prepare for the 2002 Legislative Session in order to preserve programs, including the medical school. In addition, she indicated that devolution of authority to the trustees would be an issue for the regular session. Trustee Hinkle indicated that the budget was being transmitting electronically and a vote is scheduled for Thursday, December 6, 2001.
Trustee Uhlfelder asked whether the Legislature had permitted the Governor to submit his recommendations three weeks later than the date indicated in law. The chair subsequently determined that this delay was part of the Implementing Bill. Chairman Thrasher indicated that he had hoped staff would be able to work with the governor’s staff to refine the recommendations.

Trustee Hinkle had suggested that each university host a reception or a meeting in their area and invite all members of university and community college boards of trustees, public leaders, and the extended legislative delegation. At this event, she suggested that presentations be made to foster support for devolution. She indicated that Laurie Cain was to provide the names and addresses of trustees within the service area. In addition, the Chair mentioned that President D’Alemberte had planned to tour the state to discuss governance and higher education in general.

Chairman Thrasher recognized Karen Laughlin for comments. She indicated that the faculty were preparing for final examinations and interested in the current budget situation.

Chairman Thrasher recognized Delmar Johnson for comments. He indicated that students were studying for examinations. Chairman Thrasher asked if the students were recommending that the authority to assess tuition and fees remain with the Legislature rather than be delegated to the local boards of trustees. Trustee Johnson indicated that they were still reviewing the proposed tuition policy.

Chairman Thrasher indicated that the next conference call is scheduled for January 14, 2001, at 4:00 p.m. The next meeting in Tallahassee is February 14-15, 2001. The chairman wished everyone a happy holiday and indicated that he hoped to see everyone at the Gator Bowl.

The Chair, on motion from Trustee Marshall, adjourned the meeting at 4:20 p.m.