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Board of Trustees



Les Pantin, Chair
Todd Adams
Billy Buzzett
June Duda
Mark Hillis
Bob Sasser

Academic Affairs

Mark Hillis, Chair
Todd Adams
Craig Mateer
Brent Sembler

Finance and Business

Bob Sasser, Chair
Max Alvarez
Kathryn Ballard
Les Pantin

Student Affairs

Billy Buzzett, Chair
June Duda
Kyle Hill
Vacant Position

Audit and Compliance

Max Alvarez, Chair
Kyle Hill
Brent Sembler
Vacant Position


Board of Trustees Chair Ed Burr, is an ex-officio voting member of all Committees

Updated: 6/8/2017

Meeting dates and times are subject to change.


Florida State University
216 Westcott
Tallahassee FL 32306-1350
(850) 644-1000
(850) 644-3612